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Fic: Her Sanctuary (Sam/Cam)

Title: Her Sanctuary
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Sam/Cam
Prompt: things we take for granted
Word Count: 628
Rating: G
Summary: The lab had been her sanctuary all of the day.
Notes: Written for rightxhere. 1/12/11.

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fic: we will rise as the buildings crumble

Title: we will rise as the buildings crumble
Pairing: Sam/Cam
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sam fully expected the end of the world to be more spectacular. It would start with ships in orbit or pale men with powerful staffs or a wormhole that wouldn’t close. And soon after there would be burning and explosions and an enemy. She’d fight it with a gun in her hands, or at least a computer at her fingertips with a never-quite-full coffeepot an arm’s length away. Except, it started with a cough.
Title: the way you keep the world at bay
Pairing: Sam/Cam
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Based on this head!canon: Sam and Cam were best friends at the academy; they were also each other's first, but they were never more than the best of friends.

And a teeny-tiny fic that started out as a "fifteen years later" tag to the above story but was ultimately cut because it didn't quite fit right: two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl. Vala asks Sam a mildly awkward Truth or Dare question.

Fic: Can't Be Measured (Sam/Cam)

Title: Can’t Be Measured
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Sam/Cam
Rating: T+
Summary: Sam wants to know what her friendship with Cam means to him.

(Can't Be Measured)


multi-fandom banner/header post

banner/header (+ background images):

- 03 Alias: 3 Sydney Bristow
- 05 Blood Ties: 4 Henry, 1 Vicki/Henry
- 03 BSG: 1 Kara/Lee, 1 Sharon/Helo, 1 Grace Park
- 02 BtvS: 1 Buffy/Faith, 1 Eliza/SMG
- 01 Charmed: 1 Phoebe/Piper/Paige
- 03 Doctor Who: 1 Rose, 1 Billie Piper, 1 River/Ten
- 02 NCIS: 2 Abby
- 22 Stargateverse: 1 Elizabeth/Jack, 3 Elizabeth/John, 1 Jennifer/Cam, 2 Jennifer/John, 1 Jennifer/Rodney, 2 Jennifer/Ronon, 2 Sam/Cam, 1 Sam/Jack, 2 Sam/John, 1 Teyla/Ronon, 1 Cadman, 1 Vala/Daniel, 4 Vala
- 02 Supernatural: 1 Sam, 1 Dean/Castiel
- 02 True Blood: 1 Sookie/Alcide, 1 Eric
- 02 Vampire Diaries: 1 Elena/Damon, 1 Elena/Damon/Stefan
- 38 Crossovers: 2 Blood Ties/BtvS/Angel, 1 Blood Ties/Veronica Mars, 1 Bones/BtvS, 1 BtvS/Charmed, 1 BtvS/Harry Potter, 1 BtvS/Human Target, 1 BtvS/Primeval, 2 Angel/SGA, 1 BtvS/True Blood, 1 Charmed/Dresden Files, 1 Charmed/Harry Potter, Charmed/Hawaii 5-0, 1 Charmed/LotR, 1 Charmed/SGA, 2 Charmed/SPN, 1 Chuck/SPN, 1 Doctor Who/Twilight, 1 Firefly/SGA, 1 Fringe/SPN, 1 Haven/SPN, 1 JAG/SGA, 2 Leverage/SGA, 1 Lost Girl/Stargate, 1 NCIS/Stargate, 1 Roswell/Smallville, 1 Sanctuary/Stargate, 1 Smallville/SPN, 1 SPN/True Blood, 1 the Listener/True Blood, 6 multiple

(see them all here @ my journal).

Warning: image heavy!

If you can't see my lj for some reason, you can check out my homepage, which has all of my fanart as well. ;-)


Pimping- Het Big Bang

Are you a Het writer, artist, or someone who is willing to give support? Get on over to het_bigbang where any and all fandoms/het pairings are welcome.

I am proud to say that I am a cheerleader for het_bigbang 2011.

Comm Pimp

Hi everyone. In the tradition of help_japan and help_haiti, some friends and I have started helpthesouth for those affected by the swarm of tornadoes that ripped through the southern part of the United States on Wednesday. If you can, please considering joining and posting an offer for Sam/Cam and feel free to pimp in your own journal and in other places. Thank you!


(Posted with mod permission)


a couple sam/cam goodies

1 Stargate SG-1 Sam/Cam banner
19 Stargate SG-1/Stargate Universe icons

1 Stargate SG-1 Daniel/Vala banner
1 Stargate Universe Chloe Armstrong banner
1 Stargate Universe Mini Picspam (12 images done to the prompt "smile")


click for full size banner


Icons and a couple of wallpapers....

I've been working on a batch of icons for a little while now, and finally gathered everything together as part of a larger multi-fandom batch to post them online. All up there are 50 Stargate SG1 icons, 34 of which are Sam/Cam *g*.


They can be found on my journal, here (thanks to alvericff for the nudge reminding me I forgot to add the link LOL).

Also while I'm here, I thought I would also share two desktop wallpapers and a new manipulation....Collapse )

New layout & tags

Anyone who visits the comm instead of reading posts on their flist will have noticed that the comm has a new layout :)

I'd like to say thank you to the very wonderful scifi_tv_addict who made the beautiful header for me. It took me an embarrassingly long time to do something with it, but finally I am done and I can share it with you all. Please leave her some love in the comments!

I've also been busy making sure that all the posts here are tagged correctly - which mostly involved adding a whole loads of new tags. Most notably fics (which you would have thought would be an obvious one to have right from the start, but not for me, apparently) and heads up (for various pimping posts - which are okay, but please don't be spammy about it).

I think I've also got tags for everyone who has contributed fic, art or vids - if you have posted something and don't have a tag then let me know! First time posters can use the tag by:i need a tag and I'll sort it out ASAP.

Finally, if there's any tags you'd like to see, then let me know and I'll add them.



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