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This is a community for fans of a friendship and/or relationship between Sam Carter and Cameron Mitchell from TV show Stargate SG-1.

I haven't found very much of anything relating to this pairing, so I decided to create this community with the aim of bringing fans together and, hopefully, to encourage fic and graphics and all manner of fun fan-type things.

So if you're a fan, join up and come and play!

Fic, pictures, screen caps, icons, wallpapers, vids and other fun things are all very welcome. Please use an lj-cut for any large graphics, long posts or more than 3 icons.
Please lj-cut any spoilers. This includes pictures and caps and also subject lines (no point in cutting the spoilers if your "OMG what a kiss!" subject line is going to give it all away *g*).

Comments? Queries? Talk to lauralaitaine, your friendly neighbourhood mod.

Huge thanks to scifi_tv_addict for the fantastic banner ♥

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